Winter Weather Safety Tips

Winter is quickly approaching and while that means lots of outdoor fun with your dog, it’s great to be mindful of tips that can keep your pet safe, warm and happy through the cold season.

Keep Them Cozy

Many dogs are very susceptible to the cold and snowy conditions despite having their own ‘blanket’ and would greatly benefit from being dressed in a coat or sweater. Some dogs may have a higher tolerance for the cold temperature but it’s important for dogs to be dressed appropriately for the weather. There is winter apparel available for all sizes and breeds of dogs online.

Keep it Short and Well-lit

On very cold days, keeping walks with your canine to a minimum will keep them from getting too cold and potentially getting frostbite. Try to steer clear of any potentially dangerous areas like frozen water or icy patches on your regular outings.

As the daylight grows shorter, it’s best to walk in a safe and well-lit area and if that’s not possible, do your best to illuminate yourself and your dog so you can be easily identified by passing vehicles.

Keep Them Dry

The salt used on roads and sidewalks can be very irritating for your pooch’s paws. Providing a pair of booties for them to wear will make winter walks a much better experience, avoiding redness, paw blisters and irritation from an accumulation of salt.

Wiping your dog’s paws off with a towel after a walk is a good way to remove any salt and keep them dry and happy.

Keep Them Groomed

The cold and wetness of winter weather provides the perfect condition for causing mats in a dog’s coat. Brushing your dog regularly at home (at least every other day) should keep mats from forming and worsening. Ask your professional groomer about which tools to purchase for at-home use.

Although many owners prefer to keep their pooch’s hair longer in the winter, getting a regular tidy up including a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, paw shave and sanitary clip, will keep your dog feeling great all winter.

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