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Pooch Haven specializes in personalized dog grooming services. We love dogs and know how special they are to their families. Here we pride ourselves on treating them with the love and respect they deserve. From the moment they walk through our doors, they will be immersed in a soothing, calming environment with soft music playing in the background. Our gentle and professional grooming staff handle them with care and treat them as if they were part of their own family. All this to reduce the potential stress and anxiety your pet might experience visiting other grooming salons. We want your pet’s grooming experience to be a pleasant one! Even our water is specially treated to ensure your dog’s coat turns out cleaner, shinier overall more healthy looking.

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Grooming Service Pricing

Tips to enhance your dog’s experience.

Full Grooming Service

  • 0-14 lbs. starting at $55.00
  • 15-25 lbs. starting at $60.00
  • 26-35 lbs. starting at $70.00
  • 90+ lbs. starting at $80.00
  • Goldendoodles and Labradoodles starting at $85.00
  • Large short-haired breeds not requiring a haircut starting at $60.00
  • Large long-haired breeds (eg Retrievers, Border Collies, Australian Shepherds) requiring a haircut starting at $70.00
  • All other sizes will vary based on weight, breed & condition of coat. Please contact us for an estimate.


  • Small dog, bath only $30
  • Medium dog, bath only $40
  • Large dog, bath only $50
  • Giant dog, bath only $60

Extra Services

  • Nail Clipping $15.00
  • Teeth Brushing $8.00
  • Deshedding $10.00 to $30.00*
  • Dematting $5.00 to $20.00**
  • Pad Shaving $8.00
  • Ear Cleaning $5.00

(*depending on size and coat type of dog) (**charges may vary based on severity of matting)

  • brush and comb your dog regularly (at least 2x weekly) especially for long and/or curly coated breeds
  • run fingers in between your dogs pads so that he or she can get used to having their paws manipulated
  • it is suggested to brush your dogs teeth everyday (minimum 3x weekly) using canine toothpaste

Note: Taxes have not been added to the above pricing and are extra. Please see our notice of cancellation.
Grooming appointments after 4pm will be subject to an additional $10 service fee.
Pooch Haven Grooming & Doggie Daycare reserves the right to price each service individually based on the condition and length of the coat.

FURminator deShedding Solution (reduces shedding by up to 90%)

Love your pet but not the shedding? That’s why FURminator deShedding was invented. Shedding is natural and there’s no way to eliminate it. But, there is a better way than constantly vacuuming and scrubbing hair off your floor, furniture, clothing and car seats. FURminator deShedding solution can help you reduce the amount of loose hair from shedding! That means less time spent cleaning and more time to spend with your pet.

The deShedding solution consists of 3 steps.

Step 1: A special FURminator tool which is utilized to remove excess undercoat and loose hair.
Step 2: The deShedding solution which is as gentle as a conditioner is applied directly to your dogs coat during the bath
Step 3: A high powered velocity dryer blows out all excess hair, flaky skin and dandruff leaving a healthy and shiny top coat.

Small and Large FURminator tools available for purchase at this location.