Dogs Just Want to Have Fun. You Just Want Time to Relax.

3 Dogs Ready for Pay to Play

You know the feeling. As much as we all love our dogs, and can’t wait to see their wagging tails at the end of the day, sometimes you just need a break. Whether you use that time away from your best bud to clean the house, get some work done or just have a few furball free moments, we can all use a few hours away from our dogs.


Sure, you can put puppy in the backyard but there’s always that guilty feeling thinking about them bored to death out there or worse, getting into something they shouldn’t. To truly relax sans doggo, we need to know that they are having just as much of a good time as we are. That’s why we are excited to offer Pay to Play to our Pooch Haven family.


Pay to Play is a bit like doggie daycare (which we offer too!) and a bit like a dog park (but with the best pups you’ll ever meet!) for three or less hours. That means that with a quick call, text or email, we can make sure there is room for your buddy to come hang out with other great dogs for a few hours and have a great time!. And we’re conveniently located on the Hamilton Mountain 5 minutes from the Linc, so we’re easy to get to and you can get busy with whatever you need to do!


By bringing your dog to Pay to Play, they are going to have so much fun with other well-behaved pups which we’ve made sure are up-to-date on their shots and ready to have a great few hours together. Like daycare for dogs, they will get lots of social interaction and exercise while they are with us, but without being without your pup for the whole day. And at only $10/an hour, it’s easy on the wallet too!


Want to Have Your Pup Come Play?

  1. If you’re interested in having your dog join us for Pay to Play sessions, the first thing to do is give us a call or send us an email! We want to chat with you to make sure your dog will have a good time with us and we’ll ask some basic health and behaviour questions so that everyone at Pay to Play stays happy and safe.
  2. Once everything is up to snuff, give us a call, text or email when you know you want to bring Fido by! For the best Pay to Play experience, we limit the amount of dogs in our care at one time, but we usually have room!
  3. Come on over! Don’t worry about bringing food or toys, since your dog will be with us for 3 or less hours, those can be left at home.
  4. Pick up a tired but happy pup! Whew, we sure had a lot of fun and hopefully, you got some well deserved time to yourself. Let us know when you want to come over and play again!
  5. Purchase 9 Pay to Play sessions at one time and receive the 10th session FREE!


Ready for a few hours to yourself? Give us a call or send us an email! Pay to Play is available daily from sunrise to sunset!