Spring Grooming Tips for Your Pup

As winter comes to an end and we jump into spring, here are some tips for keeping your dog well-groomed, happy, and healthy.

 Say Goodbye to that Undercoat

As the warmer weather approaches, a great way to keep your double-coated canine comfortable is to book them a de-shedding bath. This service is fantastic because it will loosen up and remove fur from your dog’s excess undercoat and reduce shedding up to 90%. After a long winter, it’s important to remove the extra coat for their comfort and to combat those fur tumbleweeds you find in your house. The FURminator de-shedding tool used after the bath is specifically designed to remove dead hair from your dog’s coat.

Brush That Coat

It’s important to keep up with brushing a few times a week all throughout the year. However, a thorough springtime brush really helps release their winter coat and spreads the natural oils through the fur to keep it healthy and shiny. It also decreases mats in their fur and can help you spot any issues with the skin that you may not have noticed. Your pooch will love the extra attention and love. Ask Pooch Haven Grooming & Doggie Daycare about the right brush to use for your dog’s specific needs.

Check Those Nails

Keeping the nails at an optimal length is essential for your fido, especially in the spring and summer time when they’re more regularly running and playing outside. Long nails can trap dirt and mud in them which can cause discomfort. Leaving them too long can also cause health problems like getting caught on things and breaking off, exposing the quick, or curling up and beginning to grow into the paw pads. Trying to walk on nails that are too long can cause significant pain for your pup. Bringing your dog in every three to four weeks for a nail trim is ideal for maintaining the proper length.

 Maintain a Regular Grooming Schedule

Cultivating a regular grooming schedule for your dog is crucial for several reasons. Not only does it keep your pup comfortable and clean, but it will help them become more at ease with the grooming process. The more regularly your dog is groomed, the more easily they’ll become accustomed to the services that grooming salons provide.

For dogs that need a regular shave, keeping to an eight-week schedule for a full groom is ideal for your pet’s well-being. Short-haired dogs that don’t require a haircut should maintain a ten-to-twelve-week grooming schedule. It’s also important for puppies to start the grooming process as early as ten to twelve weeks old for a tidy up, to begin establishing familiarity and encourage good behaviour going forward.

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