Make your dog a happy dog!

Make your dog a happy dog!!!

Massage your dog’s ears. They will love the attention as this is a very sensitive part of their body.

Play catch with your dog. Dogs feel that they have a job to do and fetching a ball and bringing it back to you will make them feel like they are making you happy.

Scratch your dog all over, they love this! Belly rubs as well as under their collar will make them a very happy pet.

Use your child’s bubble maker to have fun with your dog. Blow bubbles and watch them chase and snap at the floating bubbles!

After taking your dog for a walk and getting caught in the rain, dry your dog off with a warm towel. Put a towel in the dryer for a few minutes to warm it up. They love this!

On a hot day cool your dog off with a few ice cubes in their water dish or rub their paws and ears with a cool damp cloth.

Take your dog for a car ride. Just the mention of car ride may excite them but remember to put the window down so they can look out the window, smell the air or bark at the occasional dog on the sidewalk.

Learn how to juggle, if you can’t than even better! Once you start dropping the balls guess who will be grabbing them before you get a chance to pick it up again. Your dog will love this little game!

Once you’ve obtained permission grab your child’s remote control car and strap your dog’s favourite toy/treat onto it. Let your dog chase it and hopefully not be able to catch it. Hunting dogs will love the chase!

Whatever you decide to do with your dog make sure you have fun. If you are enjoying it than they will sense it and have fun too!