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Pooch Haven is my dog, Nero's, happy place - his home away from home. If you are considering daycare for your pup, always a little bit nervous bringing your dog to a dog park because you never totally know what dog personalities will be there, or currently use Petsmart's daycare services, I highly recommend the switch - you can't compare the depressing environment that is Petsmart's daycare to this wonderful place full of all-day pup fun and play, and you never have to worry about an aggressive dog being thrown in the mix!

Nero began as a grooming client in June 2018 - we were trying Pooch Haven out after an absolutely terrible experience at Dogs by Daisy. The next time we brought Nero in for a groom, his little tail was wagging, and I could tell that he was comfortable in Rachelle's hands. We were very happy with the groom as well!

When my son turned one in April 2019, we tried out their daycare option. With my husband's work and travel schedule, and my son's nap schedule, it was getting increasingly difficult to give Nero the sufficient exercise that he needed - Nero is a 55-lb, high-energy Springer-Doodle. When he doesn't get enough exercise, he is a rascal in the house, and can get quite anxious.

After his first daycare visit, we never looked back. Nero is typically in daycare, or at a pay-to-play session, at least once per week, and here are a few of the highlights as to why, and why POOCH HAVEN IS THE BEST DOGGY DAYCARE IN HAMILTON BAR NONE...

literally! Every dog has a meet-and-greet with Bob, Pooch Haven's resident daycare working dog - only friendly dogs that play well with ALL others are permitted into daycare and pay-to-play sessions. A wonderful human being, Lydia, is monitoring them the entire time, playing with them, setting up activities for them, etc. Up-to-date vaccinations are also required by all.

The dogs are never crated, and there is plenty of space to play all day. Their indoor area is full of toys that are refreshed every few weeks to keep the frequent flyers, like Nero, stimulated. There's also an indoor ball pit! They have a huge outdoor area with plenty of space for high-speed chases, and playground equipment set up for the dogs, so they can go down slides, etc.

You receive photos and videos of your dog having a blast throughout the day, and a cute report card when you pick up your dog.

I cannot count the number of times that Rachelle has accommodated a last-minute request to drop off Nero for a few hours for a pay-to-play session. Rachelle is also flexible in terms of working drop off times around my son's nap schedule and my work schedule. My husband travels frequently for work, and Rachelle has accommodated our need for more daycare days and pay-to-play sessions during those weeks as well. They even made arrangements to be able to take Nero in for daycare on Christmas Eve. We also requested a custom add-on to Nero's daycare days where he gets a rinse-off at the end of muddy days, and Rachelle was happy to accommodate this request. Another unique option at Pooch Haven that we love is having a pay-to-play option before a grooming session, so that Nero gets in his exercise before hours of grooming.

Nero recently got quite sick - high fevers, not eating, lethargic... Rachelle was messaging me every day to find out how Nero was doing, and even stopped by to pay Nero a visit. She let other daycare clients know about what was going on with Nero and the thoughts and prayers were pouring in. We truly feel like we are part of a warm, welcoming dog family at Pooch Haven.

That's what I call it -- happy, well-behaved, paws-up, passed out on the couch after a day at Pooch Haven...usually the next day too! Whenever we are on our way there, Nero can barely contain his excitement - panting, whimpering, and then bolts out of the car for the entrance like, "Bye, mom!". I can't even mention Bob's name in our house unless we are literally on our way out the door to Pooch Haven.

Natalie Sidorkewicz

Sampson has been going to see Rachelle for about a year and always comes back looking adorable and smelling wonderful!

Sampson's favourite day of the week, however is Wednesdays when Pooch Haven hosts their "Littles" day at Doggie Daycare. He loves nothing more than running around with his friends on Rachelle's huge property, racing his friends and playing tug of war. Lydia is always there to keep the pups on their best behaviour, and he is utterly exhausted and fulfilled after his day at daycare. I highly recommend anyone looking for a great way to get their dogs some social times in a safe and fun environment to take them to Pooch Haven. It really is a dog's heaven on earth!

Julie Mannella
The owner is a gem and supportive of local causes that support animals in need. We recently had the opportunity to have our dog Maisy groomed by Rachelle and her team. Maisy arrived from Texas a month ago and we felt she had settled in enough to enjoy her first groom. Rachelle had excellent COVID protocols in place and required vaccine documentation prior to the appointment, making us feel very sure her health was a priority for them. She had a wonderful spa afternoon and came out with her dandruff gone and smelling like a clean dog, with no fragrance, which we appreciated. Her fur feels like velvet. Thank you for providing Maisy with lots of love and attention.
Buddy just loves going to Pooch Haven. He gets so excited when we arrive and is so proud of how he looks afterwards. He struts around like he's the cats meow! I would highly recommend this service!
Cindy Sue Montana McCormack
Absolutely love this place! Rachelle is truly gifted in grooming and caring for dogs! Our dog loves her so much!! Pooch Haven has been grooming our dog for a long time now and Rachelle has nurtured and loved him so much that he’s always excited to see her! When I needed a place for him to stay on short notice, Rachelle took him and looked after him with so much love and attention! I could never thank her enough ❤❤❤
Marci Prebianca
Amazing service and care above and beyond expectations. We went through an emergency and the staff handled everything professionally and acted as if it was their own dog. Highly recommend their genuine and personalized service.
Zen Mariani
We’ve been to many dog groomers over the years with our Shih-Poo Sofie and Pooch Haven is by far the best. The staff is always friendly and rates are very reasonable. It’s obvious how much they love the dogs. Sofie is happy to be there and looks fabulous every time she leaves. Their new location is great and convenient for us and the salon is beautiful. I would recommend Pooch Haven Grooming to anyone.
Sandy Corsini
Amazing! My dog is very apprehensive towards new people so finding a good groomer was important. They are amazing at Pooch Haven, not only do they do an amazing job with grooming at a great price, but my dog is a happy boy when we go, tail wagging and eager to get inside!
Mila Bucalo
I’ve been taking my 2 year old dog Toby to Rachelle since he was a puppy and since she began her at home grooming business. She is always friendly, gentle and attentive to Toby while in her care. Her salon is newly renovated, clean and tidy. I love the way he looks when I pick him up. His fur is soft and he smells great! I always recommend Rachelle to other dog owners that I know. Thanks Rachelle for taking such good care of Toby!
Cindy Philip
As a first time dog owner I was looking for a groomer who would treat my dog (Diesel) the way I do. I have found that in Rachelle at Pooch Haven. It’s always a pleasure to bring Diesel to Rachelle. She provides personalized attention to Diesel. Her salon is always tidy, clean and very welcoming. I have never been disappointed with her work. She takes the time to ask me what I’d like done and Diesel always looks amazing afterward and smells awesome too! I never worry when he is in her care. She does an excellent job every time! I would not go anywhere else!
Zac Rinaldo - Boston Bruins #36
Being first time dog owners we really didn’t know what to expect when we took Cody, our seven month old Pomeranian x Poodle to see Rachelle for a complete makeover. Well, I must say we were absolutely delighted with the results! Rachelle obviously loves her job and it shows! She took the time to thoroughly wash, trim and groom, with loving care, every square inch of our beloved pet. For a very reasonable price we had a thoroughly clean, meticulously groomed, manicured and sweet-smelling little pooch who appeared completely relaxed and rejuvenated by his time with Rachelle. She is a kind and caring professional who takes her job very seriously which definitely reflects in the quality of her work. I would not hesitate to recommend Pooch haven for all your dog grooming needs!
Milan Vucicevic
We have been taking our dog, Izzy, to Pooch Haven for several years now. Rachelle and her staff always do an amazing job and Izzy always looks great when we pick her up. When we first brought our dog there as a puppy she was very unsure of the whole experience and nervous. Rachelle was very patient with her and took the time to make her comfortable. Izzy is so relaxed with her now that she often falls right to sleep when she is having her hair cut. We will continue to bring Izzy to Pooch Haven and often recommend them to others.
Karli Young
Chica is new to Rachelle’s Salon only starting this year. I find Rachelle to be gentle, loving and patient with her and Chica rewards this with her own loving nature. We scheduled a years worth of appointments at 6 week intervals and I have never been disappointed with the service. The Salon is welcoming and clean. When I can take Chica to a grooming appointment and have her pull me by the leash to the door I feel I’ve made the right connection for her. It’s always a pleasure to pick my sweetheart up from Rachelle and have her look like the Diva that she is!
Danita Gallagher
My dog Gracie is a little Princess with attitude. She can be drama but with Rachelle she always is calm and acts proper for her. She has a touch with my dog that no other groomer has had, She always smells and looks so good after she is done with Gracie. I would highly recommend her services and have no complaints at all. Price is reasonable, service is great and she works with her clients to try to fit in a time when it is convenient with your work schedule and weekend to still find time to get your little fur baby taken care of. I have not been able to find these services in my area and found her on wag jag advertising. I now drive from Brantford to Hamilton to go to only Pooh Haven as the gas money doesn’t matter to me because I know I am getting a service I cant find in my own town!
James Whittaker
I’ve been bringing both our dogs a Jack Russell and Yorkie since we moved to Hamilton and have been very pleased with the quality and care they have received. I groom our dogs every day ( as any pet owner should do), only takes 10 minutes and have never been charged anything extra. Highly recommend Pooch Haven.
John Maquire
I have been taking my doodle to Pooch Haven for about 3 years and have never had a bad hair cut. He always looks great and he’s very happy going there. Rachelle is awesome with Shadow. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
Pat Cooper

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